Crystal Ray

Crystal Ray puts at stake human’s fascination for the universe architecture and its influence on the energies that animate us.
Based on the science field studying cosmic rays and molecular biology, this symphony of light and sound flow investigates the line between the visible world and the energies invisible to the human’s eye.
Cosmic rays are high energy particles that circulate in the interstellar void. Ceaselessly, some of these particles of either solar, galactic or extragalactic origins, penetrate the terrestrial atmosphere then go through us and impede our DNA.
Crystal Ray gives an enhanced visualization of the merging of cosmic rays and our DNA. 23 crystals in suspension in the room represent the 23 pairs of human DNA chromosomes. Laser beams propelled by cosmic rays detectors are projected on various crystalline bodies and thereby diffracted light displays a radiant galaxy onto the room walls.

Crystal & Sound : Ramona Altschul
Laser Programming : Francois Moncarey aka MySquare aka Tarrabass