ARK FullDome

ARK is the mobile fulldome concept developed by mySquare (François Moncarey et Ramona Altschul) . Equipped

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BOOM Festival Portugal
Fête de la danse Genève
Mapping festival Genève
FUSION Festival Berlin
Festival Tous Ecrans Genève

TECHNIC • Geodesic dome with frequence 6 • Diameter : 12 meter • perimeter : 37 meter • Ground Surface : 117 m2 • Screen Surface écran : 250 m2 • Video projector : 3 * 12 000 lumens • SoundSystem : triphonie 3 * 1000W • Video control : macPro tube 12 core
INVITED ARTIST Here is a proposal of content developed specifically for this dome. The interior of the capsule is fitted with a 360 degree video projection system, surrounding the participants and creating the illusion of an immersive universe. Spatial-temporal distortions and visuals play with our perception of reality. The infinitely small resembles the infinitely large, time appears to accelerate, yet slow down. Is this our reality? Does reality truly exist?with 3 12k projectors and a 3.1 channel sound system, it allows spatialization of images and sound 360°, taking the audience on a fully immersive experience. It was recently presented this past March at CERN and after this years Mapping Festival, ARK will be taking off on its first european tour. A galactic ark in search of a new planet. Once passengers are installed inside in the module, they will be transported through a universe of image and sound, stimulating their sensory systems on all levels; embarking on a completely im- mersive voyage. Guarantor of diversity, everyone is welcome aboard the ARK, provided they are curious and open to the cosmic journey that awaits them.

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